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Comprehensive dental care for your teeth
Restorative dentistry
Preservative dentistry
Aesthetic stomatologyFor beautiful smile
ProstheticDental replacements
Children stomatologyKids will feel as good as possible
SurgeryInterventions in local anesteziology
Dental hygieneEducation and treatment

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Our team

MUDr. Eva Nixová The doctor
  • LF UK Plzeň – commencement 2006
  • The member of ČSK ( The Czech Dental Association)
  • 13 years of experience in health equiptments
  • Regularly attending on lectures and practical training and further education
Simona Süssmilichová Nurse
  • 23 years of experience in dental surgery

Equipment of dental surgery


This professional endomotor allows the precise treatment of root canals. Due to the special control system of root canal tools in a canal, the endomotor can immediately release a tool when it is in a bad position which is reducing the risk of breaking the tool in the root canal. Root canal treatment with the help of this engine is faster, more efficient and safer.


The device allowing to fill up a root canal using the heated gutta-percha vertical condensation. This method shall provide filling of the root canal throughout its length including side ramification. Using of a BeeFill method is increasing effectiveness and prognosis of endodontic treatment.

Apexlocator Raypex 5

Thid device works on the basis of multifrequency technology, and thus helps to determine the exact length of the root canal and also it shows the position of instruments in a canal. The treatment is absolutely painless. This device makes endodontic treatment quicker and it enhances its quality. It also reduces the number of x-rays that need to be taken during root canal treatment.


It is an automatic filling material mixing unit that allows us to mix tooth fillings in the precise component ratio. It eliminates the risk of mixing poor quality tooth fillings.

Alghamix II

Mechanical mixer for alginates, plasters and silicones.

Pentamix 3

Pentamix 3 delivers a completely homogeneous mix for exceptionally accurate impressions and perfectly fitting restorations.

High frequency cauter

Is high frequency electronic device mainly used for gum removal and/or to stop bleeding prior to taking a tooth impression. If there is bleeding, the impression will provide inconclusive tooth borders. The impression material might flow around the borders inaccurately and the technician will not be able to produce a leakage-free denture, for example crowns. The advantage of using cauter is less pain after the operation and quicker healing.

Dental loupes

This loupes expands file-of view for surgery field. a must, especially searching for root canals.

Restorative dentistry

Deals with prevention, diagnostics and therapy of tooth decay and its complication. Regural checks 2 times a year which together with screening out of tartar and professional cleaning of teeth are leading into significant reduction of another bigger curative interventions.

Preservative dentistry

Deals with prevention of the origin of tooth decay, treatment of tooth decay and its inflammatory consequences. Under this treatment we understand the most frequent making of fillings – amalgam fillings or so called the white fillings, from the amalgam ones there are two possibilities. The standard fillings paid by health insurances or the more quality ones non gamma 2 amalgam, which have longer lifetime and stabilize the mercury component of alloy. The insurances do not contribute to this, its fully paid by patient. The so called white fillings are made from photocompositive materials.
If the tooth decay process continues untill the dental cavity, the dental nerve is affected, in this moment the endodontic treatment is needed. That means during root canal treatment, the inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected, then filled and sealed with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Afterwards, the tooth is restored with a crown or filling for protection. After restoration, the tooth continues to function like any other tooth.

Aesthetic stomatology

It creates an enormous effect in the form of a really beautiful and healthy smile even on the basis of destroyed and deformed teeth with many losses. The scope of aesthetical stomatology encompasses the following procedures: teeth whitening, teeth regeneration and teeth sanding.


Dental specialty that involves restoring injured, damaged or missing teeth with prosthetic replacements, providing patients with aesthetic and practical benefits. Prosthetic replacements help restore a patient’s smile and confidence, as well as their ability to eat and speak with ease after tooth loss. There are several different types of prosthetic materials commonly used to replace damaged or missing teeth. These materials may be permanently implanted or glued to the mouth or can be removable and temporary. They may replace individual teeth, a few teeth or all teeth.

Children stomatology

We pay great attention and care in communicating with our young patients to make sure that they feel as good as possible when visiting our dental office. First visit to a dentist is always the most important. From that moment depends what kind of impression a kid might have about oral hygiene , which is crucial for further developement of their teeth and care. The parents will get advice about appropriate oral hygiene and diet for their child, cause this is a very ımportant period for establishing good life habits. Preventive measures that we provide, whıch are also painless ( removal of soft fibers, fluoridation of teeth, making veneers ). Due to this, the first visit to a dentist should stay as a nice memory and they should accept many more without any fear.


We make urgent surgical interventions in local anesteziology.
If the case is more complicated and if the teeth implants are needed, we work together with specialists in field.

Dental hygiene

During the treatment our patients are educated on ways to improve and maintain good oral health. Then comes removing of tartar, plaque, pigments, fluoridation of teeth and teeth sanding.